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This is a selection of news articles and press releases where Abacus DIVISIONS, Route 21 Corporate Park, Highveld Technopark and the greater Centurion/Irene Area is mentioned.

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No signs of a fast turnaround in fortunes for stakeholders in the building construction industry - Abacus DIVISIONS

Building costs and prices as per tenders for buildings to commence in January 2013 have now plummeted another 15% below what quantity surveyors estimated they would be, indicating that there are no real signs of a fast turnaround in fortunes for the stakeholders in the building-construction industry, said Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property development and marketing company, Abacus DIVISIONS . .... more

Route 21 Corporate Park nears completion and notches up leading tenants - Abacus DIVISIONS

Route 21 Corporate Park, the multi-billion Rand security office park development in the Centurion business node, is now almost near completion – with only three stands left to develop – with the park now boasting a number of blue chip clients, including the likes of the JSE listed EOH, Land Rover Jaguar, Ctrack/DigiCore Holdings and Equity Pharmaceuticals. .... more

EOH and Abacus DIVISIONS set up a fibre optic testing facility at Route 21 Corporate Park - Aug 2012

The JSE listed technology group, EOH Network Solutions, and property and management company, Abacus DIVISIONS , are currently setting up a fibre optic testing facility at Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene. .... more

Older buildings lagging behind newer buildings - Abacus DIVISIONS - Aug 2012

When it comes to rentals received, one of the trends emerging in the commercial property market is that older buildings across the board are typically lagging behind, by up to 15-20%, of those for newer developments - or for office developments with state-of-the-art access control security. .... more

First Green Tenants for R 60 Million Green Building at Route 21 Corporate Park- Abacus DIVISIONS - Aug 2012

The property marketers of The Route 21 Corporate Park business development, Abacus DIVISIONS , has announced that it has signed its first “green” tenants for a R60 million environmentally friendly building, built during the latter part of 2011. .... more

Abacus DIVISIONS in 10 rental deals for Highveld Techno Park in Centurion - Aug 2012

Marking a trend that might signal an improvement in rental vacancies in the Centurion business node, local property developer and marketer, Abacus DIVISIONS , has secured 10 new rental deals for the Highveld Technopark office park, one of the growing number of office parks which are offering businesses “great value for money”. .... more

Centurion office parks offer great value for money - Abacus DIVISIONS - July 2012

Office vacancy levels in the Centurion business area are currently sitting at between five and 20% - depending on the office park - and are arguably partly due to over exuberant property developers moving in on the territory during the boom years. .... more

Hennopspark touted as an exciting industrial node by - Abacus DIVISIONS - July 2012

As the demand for small to medium-sized industrial space continues to pick up, Hennopspark has now been identified as an industrial node offering the marketplace “significant value for money”. .... more

Access-controlled office parks – where the money is - Abacus DIVISIONS - July 2012

Security-focused office parks are set to become increasingly popular – and will generally command higher office rentals and have lower vacancy rates than standalone office blocks, or office parks with a more half-hearted focus on security. .... more

Rental market – and rental prices – should start showing increased vigour by the fourth quarter - Abacus DIVISIONS - July 2012

The commercial property sector, which was hit hard by the financial meltdown - which started with the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008,- is continuing to show some green shoots with some property developers believing the market might turn by the fourth quarter of this year. .... more

Africa’s proposed ‘ tallest building’ project picks up more flak - Abacus DIVISIONS - June 2012

While it has been revealed that the controversial and ambitious Symbio-City project earmarked for Centurion will not be funded out of municipal coffers, detractors are still questioning the rationale behind this project - a project that that many believe will be detrimental to other stakeholders in the area, as well as other office park developments. .... more

Hybrid buildings need to be considered now, rather than later - Abacus DIVISIONS - June 2012

Property developers need to increasingly consider developing hybrid buildings that are able to run off a hybrid- designed base, managing a mixture of technologies - including traditional and new-wave – just as vehicle manufacturers are successfully doing, such as Porshe, with its revolutionary hybrid vehicle, the Porshe Cayenne. .... more

City of Tshwane’s plans to build the tallest building in africa called ludicrious - Abacus DIVISIONS - June 2012

Concerns are growing over the City of Tshwane’s plans to build ‘the tallest building in Africa’ situated in Centurion when the council has been in the press over concerns that it is getting deeper into the red, and is not controlling its finances properly - besides concerns that this project would be a flagrant waste of money. .... more

Equity Pharma Holdings builds the biggest office/warehouse building of its kind in Route 21 Corporate Park- Abacus DIVISIONS - June 2012

Equity Pharma Holdings, a privately owned South African-based specialist Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology business, is in the process of developing a R40 million office warehouse block in the multi-billion Rand office park development in Irene, Route 21 Corporate Park. .... more

Highveld Technopark expected to attract more tennants ? - Abacus DIVISIONS - May 2012

The prestigious multi-billion Rand Highveld Technopark in Centurion – and its surrounds - is undergoing some substantial changes which are expected to make the office park more alluring to businesses looking for value for money rental premises. .... more

Abacus DIVISIONS lands Highveld Technopark property deal - April 2012

Property management and marketing company, Abacus DIVISIONS, has landed a contract to market office developments in the prestigious multi-billion Rand Highveld Technopark in Centurion, an office park with a focus on high technological research and development. .... more

There’s a demand for industrial space says Abacus DIVISIONS - April 2012

There is a demand for small to medium-sized industrial space, a trend which started to emerge early in the year – and which seems to be picking up momentum. .... more

With Government’s large infrastructure drive cheap building costs may become a thing of the past – Abacus DIVISIONS

With the government making a commitment to spend R 854 billion on infrastructure focused expenditure within the next three years, there is more than a fighting chance that the beleaguered building industry might recover from the current doldrums it finds itself in. .... more

Commercial property rentals - more especially higher grade assets - will improve during the third and fourth quarter of 2012 – Abacus DIVISIONS

With many economies still feeling the ‘hangover affect’ of the deep 2009 recession, the commercial rental market will “remain under pressure”, possibly improving during the third and fourth quarter, said Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property management company, Abacus DIVISIONS. .... more

Now is the time to build – but be careful of builder who may go bust – Abacus DIVISIONS

There is an uptick in activity in the commercial property market as developers take advantage of building prices that are currently 10-20% lower than prices charged by builders in 2009, said Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property development and marketing company, Abacus DIVISIONS. .... more

Don’t go green with envy by not opting to rent a green building– Abacus DIVISIONS

Landlords who invest in green buildings might be able to lure a higher calibre of tenant – and should have a far higher occupancy level than landlords selling space in non-green buildings due to costs savings tenants can derive from renting green buildings, said Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property development and marketing company, Abacus Divisions. .... more

Property developers can go green without blowing their whole budget – Abacus DIVISIONS

There is no longer any excuse for not going green – or at least partially green - when it comes to developing, or building, new buildings. It can be done without having to sell the family farm, said Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property developing and marketing company, Abacus DIVISIONS . “Going green shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Many low cost green features can be incorporated – and can muster short payback periods for the developers.” .... more

SA property investors now turning to buy in cash as banks remain reluctant to lend - Abacus DIVISIONS - Nov 2011

It seems there is a growing trend, in the USA and SA, for commercial property investors to increasingly opt to pay cash for properties due to the recalcitrant attitudes of local banks to lend money as the credit crunch continues to linger. .... more

New R60 Million Green Building at Route 21 Sets the trend! – Abacus DIVISIONS - Oct 2011

It seems the ‘go green’ trend in the property market is on the increase, with another developer at the R2 billion office park development, Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene, developing a 4 200 square metre R60 million customised green building – with the developer taking “a twenty to thirty year view” on the investment. .... more

Are landlords destroying property values by opting for lower rentals? – Abacus DIVISIONS - Oct 2011

One of the problems facing the commercial property market is that landlords are destroying property values by signing leases below market value, prompting banks and financial institutions to downgrade the value of buildings as values are essentially based on rental inflows. .... more

Green buildings – a great idea, but someone has to pay for it – Abacus DIVISIONS - Sept 2011

The green building movement has come to the fore in recent years with a growing number of protagonists claiming it is the way of the future for buildings. But one aspect that might hinder this concept’s increasing uptake is that, in reality, there are seemingly additional costs to bear. So said Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property development company, Abacus DIVISIONS . .... more

Property market on a slow ride back to recovery – Abacus DIVISIONS - Aug 2011

The commercial property sector, which has also been hit by the recession, is continuing to show signs of improvement as an increasing number of companies are starting to look for good commercial space. But the ever-present debt problems facing Europe and the USA could put a damper on any sustained recovery. So said Org Geldenhuys, managing director of property development company, Abacus DIVISIONS . .... more

Irene Area is set to become new Development Node - July 2011

It is now official - the Route 21 Corporate Park area is set to become the next big development node of Centurion! This is after two of the largest land owners in the area, Irene Land Corporation and M&T have applied for development rights of approximately 1.5 million square meters of bulk next to Route 21 Corporate Park , along the R21/ Nelmapius / Rietvlei Dam interchange and surrounding areas. .... more

GlobeTOM's new South African Head Office - Jun 2011

GlobeTOM on the move. After six years at our present location in Centurion, GlobeTOM has moved to 92 Regency Avenue, Route 21 Corporate Park on 1 July 2011. The move was completed on Friday 1 July and the company was fully operational from Monday 4 July at the new premises. .... more

Dark fibre set to bolster Irene - Jan 2011

Route 21 Corporate Park is also poised to be the first Pretoria office park to implement an ‘open access’ fibre infrastructure. Dark Fibre, in conjunction with Route 21 Office Park, is installing a R10 million fibre infrastructure at the gated business park. It allows all registered services providers the opportunity to provide companies in the office park a specialized range of services. .... more

Volvo to relocate head office to Irene - Dec 2010

Volvo plans to relocate its head office to Route 21 Corporate Park , Irene,in what has been described as a multi-million Rand investment. The company is set to relocate in early 2011 and joins the likes of other leading vehicle manufacturers who have established headquarters at the Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene, including Jaguar and Land Rover SA. .... more

Irene business hub poised to grow - Oct 2010

Besides the fact that two large property developers - Irene Land Corporation and M & T Developments - are poised to turn Irene into the next business hub in Pretoria, after Centurion and Menlyn, the areas roadworks are being upgraded at a rapid rate. The area is set to become the next Centurion and Menlyn Park business hub, said Org Geldenhuys, a trustee for one of the biggest business office parks in the area, Route 21 Corporate Park . .... more

Are Irene speculators benefiting? - Jul 2010

Those property speculators that took the risk of building earlier this year – without even having tenants lined up – might be reaping the benefits as the market pulls out of the doldrums .... more

R10 million dark fibre open access network - April 2010

Route 21 Corporate Park , the R2 billion office park development near Irene, Pretoria, is to become one of the first office park to install an open access fibre network, providing “unrivalled communications potential for current and future tenants”, said Org Geldenhuys, a trustee of the Route 21 property association. .... more

Eskort settles in Route 21 Corporate Park - March 2010

Eskort has relocated its multi-million Rand head office to Route 21 Corporate Park, Irene, Eskort is a leading South African manufacturer of processed pork products that include Bacon, Viennas, Russians, Polony, Sausages, Ribs, Ham and Value Added fresh pork lines. .... more

Route 21 Corporate Park's R1 billion phase two commences - Oct 2009

With the first phase of Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene,Pretoria, now complete, construction work has begun on phase two, which is also estimated to be worth more than R1 billion on completion. Thus far 28 of the 39 stands available have been sold and construction on four units of the stands- totaling more than R75 million - is now underway. Phase 2 was proclaimed earlier this month and as soon as these new owners took transfer of their stands, the earth moving equipment moved in and construction commenced. .... more

Route 21 Corporate Park showing signs of 'green shoots' - Sept 2009

The property market is showing some green shoots as the confidence of property investors and homeowners starts to lift, with Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene reporting a resurgence of interest after a “stagnant” first half of the year .... more

R1 billion now invested in Route 21 Corporate Park - Sep 2009

Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene, Pretoria – boasting 50 000 square metres of A grade office and prime warehousing space - has announced that phase one of the development is now almost completed, with 91 stands out of a total of 101 now fully let and developed. This was confirmed by Org Geldenhuys, a trustee from the Route 21 Property Association, who added that phase two – which involves the development of a further 39 stands – is “now underway”. Some of the leading tenants resident at the office park include the likes of Digicore, BAE Systems, Dimension Data, Capitec Bank and Land Rover SA. .... more

New Corporate Home for Jaguar Land Rover South Africa in Route 21 Corporate Park - Jun 2009

Jaguar Land Rover South Africa has moved to a brand new corporate home. Following the sale of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands to the Tata Group last year, the newly formed Jaguar Land Rover SA vacated its Ford-managed premises in Silverton last week, and are now operating from their new offices located in Irene. .... more

Route 21 is Hot Property - Sept 2008

Route 21 Corporate Park 's Industrial and Office Property is "Hot Property" at the moment! The current vacancy rate mirrors the Pretoria offices market which is at an all time low of 1.6%. Gross rentals are hitting the magical R 100 per sqm for the first time .... more

Nedbank buys into R5 billion potential Irene Development (Route 21 Corporate Park Area) - Det 2007

Nedbank Corporate Property Finance today announced that its Gauteng division has acquired a 49% equity stake in Odyssey Developments (Pty) Ltd. Odyssey Developments holds a 66.5% stake in Irene Land Corporation (Pty) Ltd (ILC), and intends to develop the 147 hectares of land in Irene owned by the corporation. The land is earmarked for the construction of between 500,000 mē and 800,000 mē of mixed use developments over the next five to ten years, at an estimated value of between R2.5 and R5 billion. Development will include commercial, residential, light industrial and retail properties. .... more

Abacus Divisions invests in R23 million business office at Route - Sept 2007

Property development company, Abacus Divisions – formed in 2004 – is to develop a third set of offices at executive office Park, Route 21 Corporate Park in Irene, taking its total investment in the office park to R52 million. According to Org Geldenhuys, a director of Abacus Divisions, the office building includes 2 400 square metres of A grade office space, with rights to operate a restaurant, coffee shop and related food outlet. Total building costs are expected to be R23 million. .... more

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